Friday, August 04, 2006

A very busy weekend

It's Alumni Reunion. The crowds aren't big, yet, but there is a lot going on. It started yesterday with the MEEM Cruise on the Keweenaw Star which was fun. We've been talking about it for a year, but like most people, we don't tend to do "tourist" stuff this close to home unless someone comes in from out of town. Today is Boom Town Days with a carnival about 4 blocks from our house. My family plans on spending the days there. Tomorrow is the postponed fireworks, also blueberries are ripe and I plan on picking some, and we're going to spend some time with the reunion stuff. Sunday is a friends annual picnic and open house.

It's supposed to be hot and sticky all weekend, so I expect when we're not at something scheduled, we'll be at Bete Gris It's nice to be in the Copper Country in the summer. Even when it's hot, 15 minutes of driving will take you to the biggest natural air conditioner in the world


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