Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Too cool for that...

My nephew is 12. He's hit the age where he's suddenly "too cool" for a lot of stuff. Hanging out with the little cousins? Too cool for that. Going school clothes shopping with mom? Too cool for that. Playing water tag? Too cool. Playing board games? Nope, too cool for that too.

He's nearly as tall as I am. And he's been running his own business all summer, mowing lawns and doing yard work, in anticipation of buying himself a snowmobile this winter (and has nearly enough money to do so.)

He came and mowed my lawn on Sunday, while we were getting ready to go to a friends picnic. He was too cool to go out and play with the water guns while waiting for a ride home, so he was hanging out in the kitchen while I was cooking, chatting.

I was making chocolate cake, I took the beater off the mixer and automatically offered it to him before dumping it in the sink.

12 years old is NOT too cool to lick the chocolate cake batter off the beater.

Socks for my mom, a Wallaby sweater for my little guy.

FO Socks for the Amazing M


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