Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I have a Lendrum Saxony wheel. I love it, but just before we moved, a piece of it broke. My mechanically inclined friend down the street made a temporary fix, so I could still spin on it with some messing around, and I wrapped it, put it in the car (no moving van for my beautiful wheel) and I've fudged along with it ever since.

I run the computer support department for the Mechanical Engineering Department at Michigan Technological University. This is a very hands on program, and there are several people whose only job is to take something the students come up with and help them turn it into something real.


I finally got tired of having to mess around with the wheel to get it to work. I *could* send it off to Gordie Lendrum, of course, but it caused a minor panic attack to think about trusting my beautiful, horribly expensive, wheel to the US Post Awful. I thought about driving it there-- I mean, I'm in Michigan, and Ontario isn't *that* far, no matter how big it is... but... gas prices are outragious...

So this summer, things at work are quiet. I thought "bring the wheel in and see what the shop guys can do with it!".

I brought it in and explained how it worked, showed them what was supposed to happen, and how I had kludged the temporary fix to make it nearly work like that, explained the theory behind how everything was, showed them all the parts and explained the names and How It All Goes Together To Make Yarn... and they took it off that-a-way all the while reengineering it, verbally...

Maybe I should have trusted it to the mail...


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