Monday, August 21, 2006

Knitting and stuff

Today I received a check from the university that I work at. I have no idea what it is for. I'm going into discovery mode tomorrow and if it turns out to be mine, I'm going to go to Knitpicks and buy some of this and some of this to make something like this. Maybe not that one exactly, but I've been lusting after a Lopi sweater for a while, and it's time to make it.

It's also mitten-knitten time. I have 1/2 a foot to go then the next travel project is going to have to be mittens.

I've finished the Mary Maxim yarn Wallaby I was making for my little guy. It's been in the 80's here, but he hasn't taken it off for days. I think I inherited the yarn from my grandmother-- it's soft, but very squeeky on the needles-- but he loves it and his older brother is looking enviously at it... So now I'm working on one for the older brother in Bernat acrylic... ick... I'm going to need the lopi, just to give my hands the chance to remember wool and why I like to knit.

My wheel is still on the bench... apparently they've decided to create test pieces for it first... ok... works for me...

FO 2 pairs of socks which have been sitting in my basket waiting for the kitchner stitching and the little guys acrylic wallaby.

On the needles-- fair isle socks for my mom, the endless sweater, and another wallaby for the other son.


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