Thursday, July 20, 2006

The week in review

Wow, it's only Thursday. Why isn't it Friday already, I've done a weeks worth of work? I've done 2 weeks worth of work, truth to be told.

Last weekend we had a rare "too hot to breath" weekend in the Copper Country. Friday morning I was thinking about it being 90+ and humid on Saturday and .. we have this little popup camper... and there are loads of really nice camp grounds on Lake Superior, where the temp would be 10 degrees cooler.

There were two spots at McLains State Park and we grabbed the one on the lake. We got the camper out and set it up and made sure there was food and cooking equipment and bedding and headed out. Saturday afternoon was lovely, the temp was nice, the breeze was off the lake, so the bugs weren't bad, the kids swam and swam and so did we.

Early Sunday morning a storm blew in. Not a little storm. High winds, hail, and torrential rain. The kids woke up at 4:30 with the hail hitting the plastic and canvas camper. At 5 there was a break in the storm, and Andy took the kids down to the bathroom (because of course with all that running water sound, everyone had to go). The dog was seriously pissed. The kids had GONE OUTSIDE IN THAT MESS AND DIDN'T TAKE HIM. And he was pretty annoyed with me (Patrick, the littlest one, managed to sleep through the entire storm so I stayed with him and the dog.) By the time they got back, it was lightening again, and so I drove to the bathroom. On the way back I spotted some of the initial damage... tents down, dining canvas in trees, flooded camp sites. The water was up to the step on our camper, but we were dry and a little stuffy inside.

The worst part of the whole thing was that, when we got up on Sunday morning, there was no electricity. No electricity, no coffee. NO COFFEE. We packed up and went home to dry the camper out and get some coffee.

Monday was spent in a "discussion" with the Associate Provost about technology in the newly renovated classrooms in Chem Sci. My stand has been that things get stolen. I'm happy to put old, crappy computers into the classrooms, but we have new computers to go in there... if I can put security cameras into them.

Security cameras are a violation of academic freedom, says the Assoc. Provost. I say "No active security, then, if you'll GUARENTEE the university will replace anything stolen, we'll put them in." She doesn't want to do that either. And now she'does not want computers on the College of Engineering network. I offer Rovernet. No deal. As there is no other option for us, we are NOT supplying the computers for Chem Sci. But it took all day, and an email flood with an every growing cc: list to determine that. And I learned that the Provost's office has no idea about the state of technology and how things are run in IT on campus.

Tuesday my boss says "I need raise recommendations from you by Friday, with justifications." ok. I start on the justifications-- I have to write 4.

Late Tuesday he says "The Dean changed the deadlines, I need them by tomorrow." As it took me 3 hours to write 1, it was ... difficult... but by Wednesday, 4:00 I had raises figured and justifications written.

Thursday I have to finish and deliver the reviews, along with the raises recommended. Just finished Javier's, tomorrow I'm doing Rob, Henry and Kim. Plus I have to meet with the building engineer and his boss to discuss my 7th floor air conditioning project, which was cancelled with no notice by the building engineer and reinstated by me when I found out.

On the crafty front, I finished the cotton shawl on the loom while watching the 1st season of Babylon 5. I started another one while still watching the 1st season of Babylon 5. Travel knitting has been Gabe's Christmas Sock and the orange cotton hat.

Are we SURE it isn't Friday yet?


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