Monday, July 10, 2006

Nice Party

Saturday was our 11th wedding anniversary. Coincidentally, it was also my Great-Uncle's 90th birthday. We had a huge party for him in the park. My cousins expect 150 people. There were more like 400 people... and, other than kids, only 2 I didn't know. (Of course, Kid status seems to start at about 30 now.) (I don't know if anyone ever found out who the guy standing by the beer cooler all day was, I never found anyone who knew who he was... oh well, he was friendly, anyway.)


1) Where did all the little blond girls between 7 and 11 come from? Or were they all the same little girl, just in different swimming suits?

2) While thinking my uncle hasn't changed, I found a picture of him from 20 years ago. He hasn't changed. Kinda like the picture of Dorian Grey. Although when I went to bring him pictures from the party on Sunday, he was "damned tired" and sitting in his house talking to his daughter and I in sweats with bare feet. I've never seen him without at least slippers, even when I used to spend the night at their house when I was little. He said he had had a good time, but now he was "popped".

Of course, that might have something to do with the fact that, the last I saw of him, he and his friend from HS with were drinking Brandy with lemonaide (all that was left to drink) and laughing... in the park... as it got dark... more than 8 hours after the party started. Also, the Belly Dancer might have had something to do with it.

I can only hope I have that much fun at my 90th.

3) I have yet to figure out how to make the damned digital camera focus on the thing I want to take the picture of instead of the closest thing.

4)Holy COW! Some of my little cousins grew up to look VERY NICE! (Jake, Mike, Ryan, you guys look GOOD... and have really nice wives/kids/in laws).

5) The Gervais gene's are strong. Not only do the Gervais' look like each other, all their kids look like them, and they all look like their Grandpa. Armand and Ione being the exception, their kids look like Ione (more French than french? Ione is 2nd generation and the Gervais' are 3rd).

6) How funny it is that cousins I haven't seen in ... 15 or 16 years... just pick up the conversation like we just saw each other a couple of days ago.

7) The difference between my Great-Uncle, who has been around the family the last 30 or 40 years, and my Great- Aunt, who comes up from Texas once every 20 years or so, while looking at pictures. Aunt Nancy says "Who's that?" I say 'Chris and Trevor, Sambo's middle son, and their daughter" Uncle White says "Boy, that Chris gets better looking every year. And isn't Amber growing up to be a beauty!"

8) Andy brought the family tree. I was looking at my cousin, Danielle, with her baby, thinking that the baby made 7 generations from Grandma Hart, who immigrated from Ireland, to today. My Great-Uncle had 4 generations running around. That was pretty cool.

Andy and I aren't so stuck on dates. We tend to celebrate our birthday/anniversary/valentines day/birthday "whenever." The important thing is that we get 4 dates a year, dammit... not that they actually happen around the event to which they are attributed. :)

In the world of FO:
1 Orange Hat

And FINALLY DELIVERED AFTER 2 YEARS: The strawberry cotton sweater. And just in time, it fits very well.


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