Friday, July 07, 2006

It's been so nice

To have been on vacation. It was so nice, in fact, that I kinda took the last two days off, too. I've been ignoring the reviews. Totally. Completely. They make me crabby.

So, instead, I've spent the last two days either in meetings which have nothing to do with staff members (giving the new CIO a tour or the Sysadm Council) or discussing the technological problems involved with networking the many clusters together on campus... which is just fun... great, gory, gobs of geeking in languages not many people grok. Application sharing, file sharing, recursive NFS mounting, licensing issues, accounting issues, and on and on.

But the reviews are nagging at me... making me feel guilty...

I should just sit down on Sunday with a large mug of fine Scotch and my laptop and get them done all at once. I'll send Andy and the kids to Green Bay or some such so I don't affect innocent people.

I should probably send the dog and cats with him.

Really crabby.

Yet another orange hat, which doesn't help the crabbiness. I need something beautiful and intricate to work on. But first I need to finish up all these UFO's.

I have:
A scarf for my mom
Socks for my mom
Andy's Endless sweater
a felt pillow
a shawl
an orange hat
a red poncho
and a cotton Shawl on the loom.


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