Thursday, June 22, 2006

My arms are going to fall off.

I have this frame loom-- a triloom. I got it several years ago and promptly made a couple of dozen shawls with it. Some I gave away, and some I put in a friends store on the south side of suburban Chicago. There were 3 left, finally, in the store and they hadn't sold in 2 years, so I picked them up when we went down for DucKon. One, a lovely blue wool and angora one, sold at DucKon.

I showed the other two, a mint green chenille/wool/silk/mohair and a burgandy/white mohair to the folks at The Studio and they'd like to put them in their shop. As a matter of fact, they want 5 more. Wow! Ok, these don't take that long and I have lots of yarn.

But the sad facts are, they take about 4 -6 hours each of lots of arm waving and about 500M of yarn. I have lots of yarn in my stash, but a lot of it is tagged for specific projects... like a lopi sweater for me, an alpaca cardigan for my mom, and various other things.

Now, not only are my arms sore because they aren't used to being in motion for 6 hours at a time, but I'm having to decide...

the lopi sweater or 2 things which I can sell and buy more Lopi yarn?

Money or yarn?

Decisions... decisions...


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