Wednesday, June 21, 2006

DucKon 15

So, for the 3rd and final year I ran the Art Show at DucKon. Which means I spent the weekend sleep deprived and slightly stressed. Really! only slightly! I had an excellent staff who handled everything with their normal calm manner... we didn't lose any artwork (always a worry), we didn't underpay any artists (which is totally embarrassing) and everything went very smoothly. We had very funny and smart auctioneers, even though we didn't get to advertise RJ Johnson (who could sell anything to anyone-- I have personally seen him auction the shirt off someone's back, as well as get $250 for a 50 cent rubber duck) as much as we would have liked, so our attendance was down a bit at the auction, and our overall sales were down quite a bit (which was the trend in Art shows in the Midwest this year), but we still made money.

And we sent Theresa Mather, our fun and wonderful artist Guest of Honor, home without a significant chunk of her inventory for Worldcon. Sorry, LA, Chicago has some big Mather fans. Theresa is an absolute pro (which is a huge compliment in a world run by amateurs :). She and her husband, Barry, did panels, attended ( and heckled) at the auction, taught several kids aged 7 - 70 how to draw tigers and dragons and other creatures, and just generally had fun.

On the personal side, I saw lots of lovely friends whom I hadn't seen since last summer, and drank lots of really good Scotch with friends and a new friend, JD Fraier. He is going to be a new father in the fall, so we got drunk and told him horror stories about babies eating their own (and each others) poop, as well as teen-aged daughter horror stories. We scared the bejeezus out of him. It was fun.


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