Monday, June 26, 2006

Baby sheep and Strawberries

Saturday the kids and I went and picked 10 quarts of strawberrys. This is exceptionally early for strawberries up here, normally they aren't ripe until after the 4th, so I told the kids it meant summer was really here. Dumb. Summer to kids doesn't mean strawberrys, it means swimming. They've been nagging nearly non-stop... and... it's not that warm-- down in the 40's at night, low 70's during the day... and Lake Superior is FREEZING still.

We also took a trip out to help the local shepard classify his new fleece... and to play with the lambs. I got some cute pictures of the kids being attacked by little sheep who wanted their BOTTLES! And one old ewe, Abbey, took a shine to Amanda. Mandy tried to convince me to bring her and her baby home.

They keep the lawn down, they are good fertilizers... if they could be trained to go in the litter box, I'd be happy to bring a sheep or two home.


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