Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Startitis snuck up on me!

Last night my husband called and said "PLEASE come straight home from picking the kids up from Karate!" He had volunteered to watch my foster sister's 4 children. We never take all 4. Never. We'll take the older 2, but the 4 year old twins require a special dedication and, generally, 4 or more people to keep track of them.

He said he'd temporary lost his mind.

He said she'd caught him at a weak moment.

He said she sounded so pitiful.

He said yes, is what he said.

He called me twice on the way home "Where are you now?" I thought they must be having one of their special days, where they make all people chase them. One of their special days last summer found me running into the lake, fully clothed, to keep one from drowning, while the other filled my shoes with sand, as their mother and another Aunty tried to take pictures of their brother and sister in races in the park.

Instead, I got there, and the older ones were riding bikes and the twins were playing with the dog. He'd been afraid to start dinner and take his eyes off the twins because of their reputation. Turns out, if you sit them at a counter and give them Kool-aid, they, apparently, calm right down. They were quite chatty, and funny, and very very good. My husband thinks it was to fool him into complacency, so they can catch him by surprise the next time.

Of course, having 3 little girls played right into Startitis' hands. I promised the twins new ponchos for their birthdays in November. Figured that was plenty of time. Then the oldest girl said "Aunty, you didn't get me anything for my birthday." which was a couple of weeks ago. So she got to pick out some yarn, and help me get started on her poncho. Startitis snuck up on me in the guise of a beautiful, sad, 7 year old girl who's going to have a very nice red poncho for her birthday... a little late...


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