Sunday, March 26, 2006

It's been a hell of a week

The week started with Mike's therapy, of course. Everything went smoothly with that.

Tuesday was fine until Karate. The last test, The Amazing Michael was told he could belt test... which is a big deal. On practice on Tuesday, his sensei seemed to have forgotten that. I got a little cranky with him. If he wasn't ready to test, he shouldn't have been told he could test.

Wednesday was the sudden entrance onto the rollar coaster. I started the morning with no hot water and no coffee. Our hot water heater refuses to start if the vent is plugged... good thing... but it senses a plug if there is one snowflake in the exhaust. We're going to fix that.

Then getting the boys out the door was a mess, Patrick decided he needed a bandaid on the little nick the cat gave him, and proceeded to put 57 of them all over himself before I caught him.

We were running late because of the band aid incident, ran out and jumped into the car and got the boys settled in their seatbelts, put it in drive and pulled out to hear "crunch crunch crunch". That's not right... a very flat tire. ARGH! Get in the other car, boys! Ran in and told my husband about the tire. By the time we got to the school, the boys were 25 minutes late. And so was I. I was way late for the new faculty candidates seminar, but fortunately my staff came through and he didn't have to draw his slides on the chalk board rather than present them with his lovely little laptop.

I get to work and there's a msg on the machine. "I broke your stupid jack." I made arrangements with a friend to borrow his floor jack.

Then had a fight with my windows administrator about the Linux cluster and the fact that he occasionally makes comments to me about my technological ineptness... which I resent, as I'm not... and which I had been planning on talking to him about in a nice, sane, manner rather than yelling at each other in front of a student who spent the time trying to hide under his desk.

We got that aired out, though not in the manner I had wished to.

After work, it was rush rush rush to get the boys home and get them some food before my sister's bridal shower. As my tire was still flat, I had walked out to take my mom's car (which is living here for the moment) to the grocery store while my husband changed the flat tire on my car. Standing in the driveway, my cell phone rings and it's my daughter.

She started crying when I said hello. "Mom, I lost the baby."

So we spent 15 minutes on the phone while I cried in the driveway and she cried in her living room and her dad stood there saying "WHAT! WHAT'S WRONG! WHAT!"

Then I got to call my sisters while trying to find the frozen pizzas in the grocery store and cry with them.

Then got to the shower and managed to tell all my relatives... some of whom said the right thing "Oh, that sucks large." and some who said the expected thing "It wasn't meant to be." (As she'd had several miscarriages herself, I didn't punch her.)

The shower was nice, though I spent most of it explaining why Katie wasn't there.

Thursday was busy at work and the belt test which happened after I got cranky on Tuesday.

Friday was the rehearsal dinner. 35 people, all related to each other, in a restaurant where we know all the waitstaff, the cooks, the bartenders, and all of whom were happy about the wedding. That was nice, and Kate and her fiance' came and got hugged and loved and sympathy. Not that every hadn't stopped by her house, but it's nice to be there with a whole bunch of people who love you and feel badly about the baby.

Yesterday was the wedding. I hope it was also the end of the rollarcoaster. Everyone had a wonderful time. I danced so much my feet are killing me. My boys are going to be VERY popular in high school, they're quite happy to dance with anyone, including their aunties. I won't soon forget the site of Patrick holding his hand out to Aunty Tanya, to get her to dance to "Walk This Way". One of the girls in Mike's class, that he thinks is really cute was there. They were dancing in each other's vicinity... but NOT with each other. 4th grade is like that. My littlest niece, Anna would still be dancing, if her mom hadn't picked her up. She cuddled for 5 seconds and fell asleep. Her sister had made the mistake of sitting down a short time before and she'd fallen asleep.

Lots of relatives, lots of friends, all my sisters. It was good.

Kate and Gabe were there, too. She's still experiencing some cramping and some bleeding. The ER gave her some meds for the cramps, which made her dizzy and nauseous, so she spent the wedding in the bathroom. She went home and slept, though, and ate, and felt better at the reception.

Mike's birthday party is tonight (as the schools are on spring break this week). I have to find some energy and go clean the laundry room, and make a chocolate covered cherry cake from the Cake Doctor recipe book

Time for knitting? What's that?


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