Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The endless sweater in a blizzard.

With the prayer shawl drying on the bed, it was time once again to work on the endless sweater. We got about 3 ft of snow dumped on us over the course of Monday and Tuesday, so I had plenty of time.

Seriously. 3 feet of snow. In less than 24 hours. You'd think that would make national news or something, but of course it didn't. It surely made local news, though. I sent one of my people home way early on Monday, and myself and another person who lives outside of town left at noon.

I don't know what time she got home, it took me nearly an hour to do 10 miles. I barely made my driveway after I got there. We're talking a snow storm of epic purportions, here. The locals are discussing whether the last storm like this was in 95, 89, or 79.

I met a fellow from Alaska this morning getting coffee and he was flabbergasted at the amount of snow and the way it fell. He said he thought he knew bad winters, but this topped anything he'd seen in Alaska. I told him it was the Lake effect snow and that we see it often enough. He's thinking of moving back to Alaska.

Nearly everything closed, of course. Except Michigan Tech. I took a personal day, as my car wasn't cleared out until nearly 4pm. It took us a while to find it... it was completely covered in snow, with another foot or so on top. We could very nearly walk out our second story window and jump down onto the snow bank in front of our house... we have large porch windows in the front of our house, about a story up... the snow is 1/2 way up them.

So I spent the day keeping my boys from killing each other, watching Ghostbusters I and II and knitting. Finished the prayer shawl, started another with a varigated yarn which I really don't like and will frog. And I worked and worked and worked on the endless sweater... only 1 sleeve left to go!

Today is therapy day because we had to cancel on Monday. Yippee...


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