Sunday, February 19, 2006

This and that

There have been a couple of "incidents" amongst the students who work for me in the past 6 months... ok, a stalker and some "inappropriate touching". Enough of a problem on our quiet campus that I offered to fund a self defense class for the students who work in my lab. These kids keep my labs open from 8am - 11pm, 7 days a week, and are the best trained lab assistants on campus, bar none... and all they get is a couple of perks for it, while saving the students who use the labs tons of money.

The class was taught by the local karate dojo yesterday. To encourage all the students to take it, myself and Kim, the staff member who's in charge of the volunteers, took it too.

Neither Kim nor I are in the best of shape, and I'm in my 40's while she's in her 30's. With the winter we've had the most exercise I've had is walking to my car... and Kim isn't much better.... and we voluntarily attended a self defense class designed for college students... we are probably out of our minds... what we are for sure is sore.

Last night I managed to knit one row on my Knitting Olympic Endless Sweater before falling asleep. I fell asleep before my boys came to bed. I'm not even sure the Olympic theme had finished playing, as I don't actually remember watching anything last night.

Patrick was worried about me. I woke up a bit when he came in at 8:30 because he was rubbing my back. He told my husband "Mama doesn't feel well so I'm rubbing her back." I didn't even wake up enough to thank him. I did wake up enough at some point to hear Bode Miller, the US downhill skier, lose his ski... or maybe his footing... or something... my husband said I muttered "Did he fall again?" before falling back to sleep.

A handful of Ibuprofen has me moving today... and hopefully I got enough sleep so that I can actually do a couple of repeats on that sweater. I accidently looked at Stephanie's counter today... less than 7 days left... ARGH! 1/2 the back and 2 sleeves to finish!!


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