Monday, February 06, 2006

The Perfect Storm... er... blanket

Yesterday was "a day" for my boys... they decided that they couldn't be in the same room together, they weren't doing well on the same floor of the house... and, in fact, they quite possibly couldn't stand to be in the same HOUSE together... A little bit of the winter blahs.

We separated them and put one in the Library upstairs watching Star Wars, and the other in the TV room watching Rug Rats. Which left no TV for mom, who had just bought a stack of grown up movies.

I have this laptop with a big screen. And it has a DVD player... the solution is to watch Mom's new DVD's on her computer!

I sat and watched The Thomas Crown Affair and worked on a garter stitch baby blanket for my new grandchild. Then I put in The Perfect Storm, which I had mostly bought for my husband, thinking it was a macho-guy movie... It was MUCH better than I expected... It's a good thing I was only working on a garter stitch blanket, as I sat there knitting and completely rivetted. I can't imagine how that must have looked on the big screen. I was on a 17 inch laptop screen and it was amazing... and a very good story as well.
By the time I got to The Legend of Zorro I had 6 inches of the blanket done, and 2 very bored little boys who snuggled up with me to watch whatever mom was doing... and to comment on the really soft stripey blanket I was working on...

This one might not make it to the new baby, as my kindergarterner was rubbing his face on the skein saying "soffffttttttt".

A good reaction, all in all.


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