Monday, February 27, 2006

The Olympics are Over

and I haven't finished the sweater yet. I got the collar done last night and another couple of inches of the sleeve done. But it's not finished. And closing ceremonies were last night (more about those later).

I think that I'm a lot like Frode Estil, the Norwegian Skier who passed 77 other skiers to take the silver in the 15km Cross Country race. He finished 28th, though, in the 30km. Obviously I needed to make a sweater 1/2 this size to have finished in the medals...

But I will finish.

Overall impressions of the closing ceremony:

Who the heck picked the music for this thing, The Bee Gee's? Is Italy really so musically culturally poor that they have to rely on Ricky Martin and The Village People for inspiration? Oy!

And really, what's with all the arialists? It was cool in France, and they invented Circe d' Solie, so it speaks to their culture, but I'm really tired of it now and it doesn't speak to Italian culture.

The Clowns and the Fiat's and the Fan/Flying and the entire carnival thing were really cool. I'd like to try that flying thing... if I could do it without hurting myself.

Andrea Bocelli is really amazing.

And the NBC piece about Vernon Baker was great.

I'm so tired of the Bode Miller hype. I bet he is too. And, apparently, no one at NBC was paying attention when he said that he thought that doing your best was good enough, and he didn't think medals were all they were cracked up to be.

Overall, the entire Olympic Knitting was a great thing. I'll lumber on, knowing that even though I finished out of the medals, even though I finished back in the pack, for this time, in this place, I competed with the best, and I am... an Olympian.


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