Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Day 5 of the Knitting Olympics

Hey, what do you want? I've been knitting, not typing!! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

I have been knitting. During the Opening Ceremonies, I did 4 repeats! That's more than I've done in a year! And that got me to the split for the sleeves. Saturday I got to the neck split. Sunday I did the right front side. Yesterday, being therapy day, I worked on the sleeve... I'm planning on eating lunch and working on the sleeve again until lunch is over... then back to the front of the sweater tonight.

I really believe I can do this... which is not a good way for me to think.. .because then I start thinking "Hey, I could just work on the angora shawl for a little while, I have lots of time." No no!! MUST FINISH THE RACE (I mean endless sweater) FIRST. THEN I can work on the angora shawl, or the son-in-law socks, or the grandbaby blanket... but all those things are so *shiney* and so much prettier, softer, nicer than this stupid old sweater...

My husband is being encouraging. He's even cast on his own -- uh-- thing. He knows how to knit, but it's not really his idea of fun. He does like to weave, however, and I've pointed out that the yarn he's cast on would make an excellent warp... but he's hanging in there.

So can I.


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