Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Another reason to knit

My daughter is getting married in October. We had a date to go to a wedding expo on Sunday. I met her and her fiance of two years at my sister's resturant just after breakfast and she said "Sit down, mom." I mentioned that we were running late, and she said "You're going to want to sit down." I thought "Oh oh, her stupid car is broken again and she wants to borrow some money." I sat.

She said "I'm pregnant."

I'm floored.

My baby is going to have a baby! When did she get old enough to have children? I've just gotten used to the fact that she's old enough to get married!!! (No, I haven't, but-- well-- the wedding isn't until October. I still have time.)

My sisters all think this is a hysterical turn of events. "You're going to be a GRANDMOTHER!" The folk who work for me are looking up other names for grandmother and trying them out on me, "Babushka" is the name for the day.

My mother gets it, though. Her reply was "I'm not old enough to be a great-grandmother." I know that I'm old enough to be a grandmother. Hell, I'm older than my grandmother was when she became a grandmother. I'm significantly older than my mother was when she became a grandmother (her own fault, as I've pointed out, because she became a mother so young.) But... my baby is going to have a baby... I just can't get over it....

On one hand, I'm worried to death about her, her financial situation isn't very stable, she's got an old car that's on its last legs, etc etc etc.

On the other hand, I'm going through the stash, finding yarn to knit baby stuff.... I have this bright red sport weight wool that would make a lovely little gender neutral sweater (I don't like pastels on babys, I think they should wear bright colors) and I have some stripey sock yarn which would be fun to do a baby sweater out of... and ... hum... some bulky chenille that would make a great blanket...

I think it's going to take me a while to get used to this. Knitting will help.


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