Monday, February 20, 2006

And the other thing.

The Mechanical Engineering Department is hiring 4 new faculty members. Thus we have 13 - 15 candidates running the gauntlet.

And a gauntlet it is, too. These poor folk start out with dinner with the Dean and/or the Chair on the night they get in. The guy doing his turn today got in from Korea 2 days ago, flew into Houghton last night, then got to have jetlagged dinner with the Chair and one of the Sr. Professors.

Breakfast this morning was with the Dean. Then an interview with the Chair, an interview with someone from the interested research area, a tour with "The Computer Lady", discussion with grad students who want you to remember them and hire them away from their current advisor, lunch with all the faculty, interview with the Associate Chair, meet more faculty, then benefits, then a seminar to which all of campus is invited, then a campus tour/interview with someone else, then dinner with more faculty. Breakfast the next day with area faculty, more tours, an exit interview with the Chair and/or the Dean, lunch with another faculty member and fly out.

After breakfast with the Dean, the candidates start looking like deer in the headlights. By the time they get to me, they're either completely catatonic or babbling.

I have business cards. It's a normal business card on the front and it says "The Computer Lady" on the back. I found this means, if they're hired, they might actually talk to me before requesting computers they can't get at this university and which we won't support even if they do manage to get them.

Knitting: I did manage to knit 3 repeats on the sweater back last night. I have, however, forgotten my sleeve for knitting at therapy today!! ARGH! I'm planning on leaving a little early to run home and get it.


Blogger Janey said...

Unless your name is really Elizabeth Boston, having "The COmputer Lady" on your business card might be a copyright/trademark violation.

Just saying.

I've been surfing knitting blogs from the commenters on the Yarn Harlot's blog for some hours, to see what wonderful things have been produced in the Knitting Olympics. It's 2.55 a.m. here. And I guess I'm getting carried away writing comments.

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