Thursday, February 09, 2006

100 Days!

My kindergartner, Patrick, was almost wetting his pants in excitement today. It's the 100th day of school. They've been counting down to this day for 2 weeks, as well as counting to 100 several times a day.

Last night we sat and counted out 100 M&M's again, 10 of each color and then another 10 of the brown, blue, orange and green "because they're his favorites". This is the second batch of M&M's we counted because he had to WRITE about it this time.

They're having a BIG PARTY, with parents invited and they made special shirts and "everything."

He's so excited, he's cute.

He's quite unclear about this whole "uncle" business, and has told people he's going to be "a grandfather" quite a few times.

He's also unclear about several other things. This morning he says "Mama, you should get married."

I said " I am married, to your dad."

He says "You should marry someone else... someone you like..."

In the meantime, his older brother is laughing... I say "You shouldn't laugh, you always thought I should marry Uncle Garrett."

Uncle Garrett is a family friend that lives downstate, whom the boys like quite a bit.

Patrick says "No, me and Mike will marry Uncle Garrett, you marry someone else."


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