Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Practice Practice

My son, Michael, is a champion mitten-looser. He can go through more pairs of mittens than any 4 other children. I seldom make him mittens because he only has them for a week or so and then they disappear into the blackhole of mittens (otherwise known as the School Lost and Found).

However... I just made his little brother (who has managed to keep the same pairs of mittens for 2 years, even while being only in Kindergarten) 3 pairs of socks for hockey. It takes a special pair of socks, according to my little guy, to go under hockey skates. He likes ribbing on the top, above the skate, but the rest needs to be smooth otherwise it gets bunched up where the laces pull tight and makes his feet hurt.

So Michael (who is nearly 10, and in 4th grade) got whiny "You made stuff for Patrick and my hands are freezing" and so, in training for the Knitting Olympics, I sat down with a pile of movies on Saturday and knit him a pair of fair isle mittens. Nothing fancy, New Zealand Wool Pak with some left over mohair/wool. I finished them in about 4 hours (including finishing and and Icord so the chances of losing them in a week are lessened).

So what did he do?

Promptly broke the Icord and lost a mitten. He found it, but was grounded for 2 hours while looking...

I'm making his little brother a pair.


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