Thursday, January 26, 2006

Or not...

After dinner, homework, therapy and everything else that demands attention after work, I sat down to work on the Mountain Flowers Shawl again.... anything to avoid thinking about the endless sweater :)

I decided to put in a movie to hide the noise of the boys fighting about Hot Wheels cars and Puzzle Pirates. I opened the drawer and October Sky fell out. Ok... good movie and the rockets might interest the boys and keep them from killing each other over who owns one of the dozens of red Corvette Hot Wheels they own.

What is it with boys and little cars, anyway? We have nearly 250 of these little cars and yet, when we go to the store, they ask for another... and fight over who owns which one as if it matters!? I mean, it's not as if it's yarn...

Anyway. I put in the movie, picked up the shawl and soon had two little boys sitting watching a movie about 4 boys who set a goal and overcame adversity to achieve it.

I nearly have the pattern in my hands... my husband is getting worried. I don't quite have it, though, because as Laura Dern lay dieing, I lost it. 4 rows later I actually looked through the tears and realized all I had was a mess. Spent the rest of the movie pulling it out and putting it back on the needles... oh well...


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